Sport as a way of Life

A sport is not just an activity that involves a physical workout but is, in fact, more of a way that teaches one about the correct way of life. It is a scientifically proven fact that those who engage in at least one sporting activity a week, show better results at education, profession, as well as in their general life. 


Accessories designed as per international standard to give you that edge in your performance


“FDV” accessories are designed for Endurance. The products have passed the tests of most rugged terrains and today are a top choice of performance bikers participating in BRMs or multi-terrain riders. 


Designed for your comfort to make your activities a pleasure and protect you from potential injuries.

About Us

Qui Vive Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd. is a fast-growing and professionally managed company with an interest in diverse businesses. Ethical business practices, financial prudence and a Customer-first approach are the core values of the company around which the company is built. We are a process-driven company and our processes – both internal and customer facing, are a reflection of these core values. We are a passionate bunch of professionals driven by our vision to be a leading brand in multi-sports goods and accessories recognized for its innovative and contemporary styles of premium quality.

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Why Choose Us

Comprehensive Portfolio

A comprehensive portfolio to cater to most of the needs of the sport of your choice; for amateur to pro athletes. Some of the products / product features are unique to give you the edge.

International Quality suited for Indian Athletes

Bringing you products of International specifications / Quality, best suited for Indian environment / athletes

Value for Money

All our products give you a promise of “Value for Money”. We do not say our products are the best or our products are cheapest, however, they offer the best value for your investment

Proven Track Record

Products tested across majority regions and terrains in India and in Competitive or recreational settings.

Long term Vision

A brand which is already 7 years+ in the market and growing. A clear roadmap for our products in the long term to ensure continuity of bringing you quality products year on year

Ethical Business Practices

The backbone of our existence is ethical business practices and Customer centricity. This is what makes us work harder for our customers

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